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Vacation Bible School

The theme this year is FOOD TRUCK PARTY. Children going into Kindergarten to going into sixth grade will get on a roll with God as a parade of Food Trucks rolls into their neighborhood for the summer's biggest party! Using Matthew 6:11; "Give us this day our daily bread", children are invited to pray as Jesus teaches. These words serve as a reminder that everything we have comes from God - and our daily needs are met by God.

Through stories in both the Old and New Testaments, this VBS opens kids' eyes to the countless ways God provides, loves, and cares for us while inviting them to join God in providing, loving, and caring for others. The goal of Food Truck Party is to help children build on the practice of using daily prayer to turn to God for their needs - and also to serve as the hands of God in ensuring that the needs of others are met. Four days of fellowship & fun while learning about Jesus.

THERE IS NO COST for this event but an offering will be collected Monday through Wednesday to support our CovKids Congo Child ~ Albertine.

Snacks are provided each evening.

Families are invited to join us on Thursday evening. An offering will be collected on Thursday to cover the cost of VBS. A meal will be provided on Thursday evening.

When:  August 1-4 from 6:00 - 8:30 PM

Who:  Children going into Kindergarten through going into sixth grade

Where:  Lewis Lake Covenant Church
                  1030 Grand Street, Ogilvie MN 56358