I Kings 9:15-28

The period when Solomon was king over Israel is called the golden age of God’s people.  It was an age or prosperity and advancement, the likes of which the nation had never see, and never would see again.  Solomon was a builder, and he did indeed build.  Everywhere one looked there was some construction project going on.  The country got stronger and more elaborate as the years went by.  All of this building was made possible by the fact that David, Solomon’s father, and defeated all of Israel’s enemies.  Solomon could now devote all his manpower and all his finances into building instead of fighting.

Every nation or group of people goes through its seasons.  We go through times when we fight our enemies, or lay foundations, or store up resources.   And then a period of time comes along when it is time to build up and strengthen the infrastructure and the facilities of the land.  As I look at the period of history that the Lewis Lake Church has come through in the past 20 years, it seems to be that we, like Solomon, have come through a period of building and strengthening our infrastructure and our facilities.  We have been able to do this because of all the great work that others have done in the years and decades before we came along.  Their faithfulness laid the foundation upon which we have been able to build, and stand, and serve.

Will future Lewis Lakers look back upon this period of time in somewhat the same way as we look back on the time of great building that went on during Solomon’s reign?  Certainly there is no comparison in scale or in any other way.  What Solomon did was absolutely incredible.  But we ca be glad for what God has enabled us to experience and share in, knowing that the faithful service of all who came before us laid the foundation for our own, modest building work.  And our prayer is that, somehow, future generations will be able to stand on this foundation here at Lewis Lake and serve the Lord in the ways that He sets before them.

Pastor Bob