I Kings 9:1-9

Solomon was a really fortunate man.  He actually had God appear to him, twice.  And the Lord spoke a very clear word of direction in his life.  Obey me and I will bless you.  Turn from following me and disaster will land upon you.  Pretty simple and straightforward, don’t you think?  The same word comes to all people today.  And yet, how many give heed to it?  Why is it that life is so simple, and yet we have such a hard time going with what God has said?  People find it almost impossible to follow God with all their hearts.  People seem to be willing to turn away from the Lord at the slightest opportunity, thinking that the good life lies in sin rather than in God Himself.  It’s not that complicated.  Walk with God and live.  Find your life in Jesus and experience joy and contentment.  This is God’s invitation for us today.

Pastor Bob