I Kings 8:62-66

So what’s the one thing that catches your eye in our reading today?   It has to be the sheer amount of sacrifices made by Solomon in the dedication ceremony.  It is absolutely incredible!  There were 22,000 oxen.  Can you imagine killing that many oxen in one day, or even in a week?  Wow!  And then there were the 120,000 sheep.  So how many levites would it take to kill 120,000 sheep in a week of they each killed 500 sheep personally?  There is a math problem for you!  Verse 64 tells us they had to consecrate extra space in which the animals were to be put to death because the bronze altar was just too small for this kind of volume.

So what is the point in all of this?  Why such big numbers?  There were two reasons that I can see.  First, this was the most glorious day that the nation of Israel had ever seen!  A glorious and eternally majestic God is indeed worth all the praise and adoration that mankind can generate.  And second, we remember that during these festivals people had to eat.  And what did they eat?  A portion of the sacrifices, of course.  And so this was a giant worship event/BBQ!  God wanted His people to be glad and rejoice and have all they needed, yea, all they wanted!  This was a party beyond what we could imagine.

For 7 days these people partied with a holy celebration, and then they went home glad, rejoicing, not in themselves, but in everything that God had done for them!  We can still live in this kind of way as  well.  We can celebrate with all our heart, rejoicing in a holy way over all that God has done for us.  Let this passage bring a little joy into your life today as it encourages you to worship God and be glad in what He has done for you.

Pastor Bob