I Kings 8:54-61

As Solomon brings his great prayer of dedication for the Temple to a conclusion he finds himself longing for, and praying for two things.  These two things are, truly, the two most important things in the entire world for all of life.  What are they?

  1. That God would “be with” His people.
  2. That God’s people would walk in His ways.

When you think of the two most important things in the world, is this what comes to your mind?  Yesterday in Church we shared together what one writer called the “Jesus Creed”.  This creed calls us to love God with all our hearts and love our neighbor as ourselves.  This creed embodies pretty much the same two things that Solomon prayed for in our reading today.  When God is with His people we are focused on Him, loving Him with all our hearts.  And when we are walking in His ways, we are loving people in true and faithful ways.  Trying to live life when God is not part of the picture and is not the most important element is to embrace sorrow, frustration and restlessness.  Trying to live life apart from God’s will and His ways means that we will love people improperly for all the wrong reasons.  Life lived on our own is futile.

So, may God be with us all today and may we live out lives of walking faithfully with our God, obeying His will and rejoicing to do so!

Pastor Bob