I Kings 8:41-43

As Solomon continues to pray, the subject of his prayer now turns to foreigners.  Now, in a day of illegal immigrants and policies debates on how to treat them, this is a rather interesting prayer.  But, of course, Solomon was talking about foreigners who were coming to visit in Israel, not coming to live.  So this is quite different from what we are talking about today.

But it is interesting that Solomon prays that God would hear their prayers.  This is how it was to work.  Israel would be living in the glory and joy of the Lord.  Foreigners would hear about this amazing relationship that God’s people had with their Lord and they would come to check it out.  They would then turn to the God of Israel themselves and lift up their hearts to God, though they were not technically numbered among God’s people in any physical way.  God would then hear their prayers, work in their lives, and these people would becoming worshippers of the one, true God back in their own lands.

I am reminded of the truth that one of Israel’s main purposes is to be a light to the world, used by God to draw all peoples to Himself!  Is the Church fulfilling this role in the world today?  It starts with our own relationship with God.  Are we living out a walk with God that is causing people to be amazed at what we have in our Lord?  Are we such a distinctly different people that we are the objects of envy and amazement in unbelievers?  Have we allowed God to fill us and bring us into a level of contentment in life such that people will come to us and ask us about this amazing God we serve?

These are thoughts for us to chew on as we go about our day today.

Pastor Bob