I Kings 8:22-30

As I read this prayer of Solomon’s at the dedication of the Temple I find myself trying to envision the scene.  The priests have just come flying out of the building, driven out by the intense presence of the living God.  I see Solomon on the front steps, standing before the people, lifting up his voice to the Lord.  What an incredible scene.

Solomon first makes mention of a very crucial truth.  “There is none like you” (v.23)!”  God is not like anything we have ever experience in this life.  He is unique, greater than all, special, different in the most wonderful way.  People today try to make God like the best version of themselves that they can imagine.  They believe they can comprehend what He is like on the inside and they actually think that if God is not like what they want Him to be, they can reject Him and go their own, independent way.

We have an accurate picture of God both in the scriptures and in the person of Jesus.  But we must not make the mistake of thinking that we are really understanding who the Lord is in all of His amazing “otherness”.  Reflect today on how much more God is than what we understand Him to be, and sit in awe of this amazing Being who has chosen to create, love, and redeem us!

Pastor Bob