I Kings 7:13-51

This reading logs, in great detail, the ornate decoration of Solomon’s Temple, as well as the various articles and furnishing that went inside this amazing structure.  When reading such a long, complex passage like this, I usually try to zero in on one particular detail that catches my attention. In this passage that means the two pillars with names, Jachin and Boaz. (v.22).

These two pillars were set up on each side of the doorway into the Temple, so that all who entered in had to pass between them.  Jachin means “he established” and Boaz means “by him is he mighty”.  The meaning is quite clear.  Whether we are thinking about the King specifically or of the nation as a whole, the truth is that God is the One who has established them and made them strong.  It is only because of God that His people exist and find blessing and joy in life.

Whenever we come before the Lord as His people, I always want to be aware of this truth.  God has established me and whatever strength I might have comes from Him.  If I forget this, I will stop leaning on Him.  And if I stop leaning on Him, I will fall.  It is good to have such reminders built right into the details of my life, so that, as I pass through them, I will be moved to continue to put my whole trust in the God who saves me!

Pastor Bob