I Kings 7:1-12

Well, it would seem that Solomon was just getting going, once he had built the great Temple of the Lord.  It took him 7 years to build that, but 13 years to build his own house.  And if the Temple was built with lavish detail, it seems as nothing compared with the fanciness of his own house, and that of the palace, and the house for his wife from Egypt.  Solomon was really getting into this construction business!

I guess it is all well and good.  But I begin to get a little bit of a funny feeling in my stomach as I read about all of this building for Solomon’s own, personal home.  One would think that the Temple should shine brightest in the city landscape.  But of course, we know that things did go south for Solomon the longer he served as King.  So maybe that is why we are quick to notice the signs of problems along the way, even now in this.

Going wrong can sometimes be blatant, but often it is a very subtle thing.  Often going down the wrong path seems, from a distance,  to be very close, and looks almost the same, as going down the right path.  The beginning of our journey away from God is, more times than not, unnoticed by all and has more good in it than bad, initially.  This makes me nervous.  This makes me look around a bit anxiously at my own life.  I don’t want to be paranoid or anything, but if I could see my life from a distance, would I be getting that funny feeling inside?

Pastor Bob