I Kings 6:23-38

I find it rather interesting to start thinking about the dimensions of the great Temple to God built by Solomon.  There was more to it than this, but the main sanctuary was roughly the size of the main fellowship hall section of our new building, the Temple being 90 feet long and 30 feet wide.  Actually, our new building is slightly bigger, but the Temple was higher.  So that helps me to get a feel for what this building felt like when one entered into it.

Furthermore, the Temple was much more ornate than our simple fellowship hall.  There were 15 foot tall angelic beings with 5 foot wings placed within the Holy of Holies section of the Temple, behind the curtain.  I guess no one got to see these, since only the high priest could go in there, and he only once a year.  There were also carvings and very intricate decorative work on the walls and the ceiling, making this the kind of building that would truly reflect God’s glory and majesty.

It took 7 years from start to finish for this building to reach completion.  I guess people were more patient about things back in that day.  But the worship and adoration of the great God of the universe was definitely worth it.  It makes me wonder how much I value worship.  Sunday morning can have a lot of different purposes to it.  Connecting with other believers, preaching and teaching so we will grow in Christ, giving to support important ministries and many other purposes for gathering are all important, but it is the worship of God that truly brings us together and should be the main focus of our hearts and minds.

Pastor Bob