I Kings 6:11-22

Two things are mentioned in our reading today.  What is your opinion on which one is the most important?  And if we were building a house for God today, which one would generate the most interest and the most attention?

  1. First, there is the call of God to Solomon to keep the covenant that existed between the Lord and the King.  God had made a deal with David that, if he would walk before Him in faithfulness, God would always see to it that one of David’s descendants would sit upon the throne as King of Israel.  Now God was reaffirming this with Solomon, calling upon this new king to be faithful to all that God had commanded.  God wanted the heart of this new King to be focused on Him.
  2. The second thing mentioned in this passage is what we might call “interior decorating”.  The walls of the Temple were covered with cedar and gold.  No stone was seen whatsoever.  As I read this I found myself wondering if we should have had mahogany paneling for my office instead of the old standard sheetrock.  What the building looks like on the inside really makes an impression, and this one was designed to impress!

So which one do you think is more important?  Which one would have garnered the most discussion, the most meeting time?  For some odd reason, we humans tend to put the most attention on things of lesser value, and totally ignore the things that really matter.  So what are you paying attention to in life?

Pastor Bob