I Kings 6:1-10

The Temple in Jerusalem was a great and amazing building.  On the one hand, it made permanent the location of worship.  But on the other hand, nothing really changed, since everything that was commanded for the worship of God was contained in the portable tent which Moses had built, called the Tabernacle.  Can you imagine a tent that was 480 years old?  It made sense, however, to build a permanent Temple for the worship of God, since Israel was no longer wandering, nor were they being threatened on every side by enemies.  It was time to retire the old tent and make a more permanent structure.

It is hard not to make comparisons to our own building project here at Lewis Lake.  The congregation and the ministry here had definitely hit a point where something more was needed.  And the new building has a “glory” to it that we sincerely hope will bring glory to God.  But the fact of the matter is that nothing has really changed.   We are still called to worship God in spirit and in truth.  We are still focused on our inner relationship with the Lord.  And we are still called to send out the same, simple message of the Gospel, just as before.  Buildings change, but worship, devotion and service remain the same, whether in a great new building or in an old tent!

Pastor Bob