I Kings 4:29-34

Solomon wa s super smart.  Verse 29 declares that he had wisdom and understanding beyond measure, and this was not just being good at trivia or minor details about obscure things.   This was true wisdom.

We are told that Solomon’s wisdom either came from nature or was about nature.  He really understood the world and how things worked, or how they worked best.  He saw God’s design and how accommodating one’s life to the created order brought blessing.  He recognized that there was a unity in creation that came from God Himself.  Everything was connected and every thing functioned as a whole.

Contrast this with today and how, rather than trying to recognize God’s wisdom in creation, we seek to manipulate creation and change it to our own desires.  Instead of learning from creation modern man wants to manipulate the world to fit our own wants and wishes.  We want to rearrange our sexuality, come up with alternative  explanations for how the world came to be and come up with religious views totally separate from God’s revealed truth.  Instead of using nature to learn about God and His glory we manipulate nature to escape God’s call upon our lives.

But the truth is this; man does not decide how things should be. He recognizes what God has done, and confirms himself in it. This is wisdom.  This will lead us towards God and not away from Him.  Science should be the discipline of learning how God made things and rejoicing in His wisdom and His glory.  Only then will we discover the truth that runs our lives.

Pastor Bob