I Kings 3:1-4

As long as our heart is in the right place, that’s what counts, right?  Solomon was a king who “loved the Lord” (v.3).  This is wonderful, don’t you think!  But, as important as having your heart in the right place is, we find that  it was not going to be enough for Solomon.  One of the first things Solomon did as the new king of God’s people was to marry a Egyptian.  Now the law of God strictly forbade such and action (note Deuteronomy 7), predicting that foreign wives would lead God’s people astray.  But S0lomon was the king, right?  He had to operate with a different set of rules, right?

Furthermore, we find Solomon had a heart for worship and  he was big on making extravagant sacrifices to the Lord.  This was wonderful, right?  Solomon obeyed many of the things God had commanded, but his worship habits were not according to the Law of God as well.  Solomon was using the “high places” to worship God, which technically was not right.  And so we see a man who, though his heart was in the right place, was also desiring the things of the world that were outside of the will of God.  We will discover that this habit in Solomon’s life was going to cause him a lot of spiritual problems.

We too can fall into the habit of thinking that some obedience is better than none, and as long as our heart is in the right place, all will be well.  But if we are willing to compromise our faith in crucial areas of our lives, we often discover that big problems can arise for us that may indeed lead to our undoing.  We are not legalists and we are no longer under the Law, but spiritual compromise can indeed bring us down.  The solution is to let our heart for God lead us into a true and complete walk with our God in all areas of life.

Pastor Bob