I Kings 2:36-46

Three men who did David dirt.  Two of them have been dealt with, Adonijah and Joab.  And now in our reading today we see the third man getting his due.  It all seems innocent enough.  Solomon confines Shimei to the city of Jerusalem, and he stays there for a long time.  But the day finally comes when a reason arises that draws Shimei out of the city.  This time Solomon has no mercy and holds the man to the original bargain.  But in the larger picture, Shimei is reaping what he has sown, being repaid for his own rejection of the king whom God had set on the throne.  Shimei had never supported David and his disloyalty was now bringing its punishment on this man’s head.

I guess the lesson is that, if you reject God’s king you will not escape punishment.   How many people are rejecting God’s King today.  Jesus Christ was declared by power and by many signs and fulfillments of prophecy, to be God’s King over His people.  Jesus is Lord of Lord and King of Kings!  If you don’t accept that then Shimei’s end will be yours as well.  Shemei had found various ways throughout this life to reject God’s king and despise him.  It looked like he was probably going to get away with it, but in the end, judgment came.  The book of Revelation reveals how this will happen for all those who reject Jesus.  Those acts of rejection in a person’s life do not just disappear.

Today is a new day.  Look for ways to bow the knee to God’s King as we go about our business and make our choices in our leisure.  Jesus is King, and there is no quibbling over that.

Pastor Bob