The first and great commandment among the 10 is that we are to have no other god besides the Lord God.  Solomon has just violated this commandment.  He has violated it by turning to all the women and all the wealth and all the glory that he was getting from being the coolest guy on the planet.  The things he loved in life had moved him to permit other gods to come in.  He had divided his heart up in many different directions and God seems to have only a very small part of him.

And now God is angry!  Having seen what Solomon was willing to do, the Lord comes in and declares a judgment upon Solomon.  This judgment was part punishment and part natural consequence.  Solomon’s son will not follow in his footsteps, but instead the kingdom was going to break in two.  Solomon’s family will get to keep a couple of the tribes to make up their kingdom, but Israel will be divided, with 10 tribes going after a different ruler.

There are many things in my life that I appreciate and enjoy.  But I am reminded in this passage that those things must always give way to my first loyalty, which is God Himself.  I must never let anything have my heart like God has my heart, and I must never let those other things rise up and take over my life in such a way that I end up not following God with my whole heart!  “Lord, help me to keep you first!”


Pastor Bob