Do you remember how we mentioned earlier that people do not survive extreme prosperity very well?  Solomon was the smartest, richest, coolest guy in the world.  But, it didn’t last.  And what was his downfall?  Women.  Not that women are bad in general.  Quite the contrary.  But these particular women were not good for Solomon at all.

Now, one might argue with Solomon on two specific points here.  First, “why so many women, Solomon?”  Solomon started collecting wives like some people collect stamps.  What was the fascination?  This was definitely a sign of obsession, and contrary to the television commercial, obsession is usually not a good thing.  There was something that Solomon was getting from this situation of having women hanging around in every room of the palace.  Solomon was giving way to the passions of the flesh, I think.

And secondly, “why these foreign women, Solomon”?  What was wrong with the Israelite gals?  I know that people usually say that this was all about foreign alliances and treaties with other kings, but hey, I’m a guy.  There is always a reason behind the reason.  And, hey, how many countries were there for Solomon to make treaties with?  Not this many!  Did Solomon get bored?  Did he need something different?  They say that this is the way pornography works.  People long for the sensual high, but they get bored with the same old same old.  They need something progressively wilder and more perverse.  But these foreign women worshipped foreign gods, and soon Solomon was going to church with them.  His pure devotion to God was being watered down.

I guess we could ask the question today, what am I surrounding myself with, what am I obsessed with and is it watering down my pure devotion to God?  Are the things with which I am filling my life drawing me closer to God or are they pulling me away from him?  When you start missing Church a lot, is there a common reason, a common thread?

Something to ponder as we follow Solomon’s downhill descent.

Pastor Bob