I Kings 10:23-29

God had said to Abraham back in Genesis 12 that he would bless him and make his name great.  And, in I Kings 3 God had declared that he would give riches to Solomon as well as wisdom.  And now, as our reading today indicated, this was all coming true.  God always honors his promises.

The believer today lives on the promises of God.  They are one of the main fuels that powers our lives.  Everyday we can sit down before launching off and remind ourselves that God has made great promises for you and I that will indeed apply to what we do in our day, and what we will experience.  There is no way that these promises cannot come true for us, though the manner and timing in which they do come true can be quite surprising and mysterious.

God is with you today!  He is at work in you, by way of His promises, to bring blessing and goodness to you.  May knowing that inspire you to be aware of His presence and to remain faithful to Him, waiting and watching to see how God will do what He said He will do.

Pastor Bob