I Kings 10:14-22

Cool shields of gold.

Cool throne of ivory.

Cool cups of gold.

Cool apes and peacocks.

Everything about Solomon was, well, pretty cool.  Solomon majored in “cool”.  It does give one pause that the weight of the gold he got in one  year was 666 talents, but I don’t suppose 666 was an evil number in the Old Testament.  I hope not, anyway.   So what do you do when you are the coolest guy around with the coolest stuff ever?  Have you ever wished you were that guy?  Have you ever tried to be that guy?

At this point all is good, and Solomon’s “cool” was a sign of God’s favor and blessing.  I just hope it stays that way.  But, we kind of have a feeling about the times when everything is perfect.   We have an inner sense that when things are too good, trouble is just around the corner.   We hope we are wrong, and we don’t necessarily just want through all our cool stuff away.  But face it, isn’t there just a little bit of feeling that arises inside of us, telling us that people don’t handle “perfect” very well?

We will keep reading and see what happens to the king of cool.

Pastor Bob