Hebrews 9:23-28

The Jewish people had been living life based on the Law for a long, long time.  This had gone on for some 1400 years.  That is quite a habit to have in your life.  And now Jesus comes along and changes things.  He fulfills the Law, completes it, and then points His people to a better way.  And so the writer of Hebrews continues to explain this and lay out this truth over and over again in our reading today.  He explains that:

  • The earthly temple was only a copy of the real place of worship up in heaven.
  • Jesus is the true sacrifice, who only needed to die once, instead of over and over.
  • Jesus’ sacrifice truly removes the guilt of sin from all those who trust in Him.
  • Jesus is going to appear a second time, not to make another sacrifice, but to bring our salvation to full completion.

Here we see, too, the truth that all people are appointed to die once, and then they will face the judgment of God (v.27).  Every man, woman, and child will stand before God one day and their sin will be the issue upon which they are judged.  If they are sinful, they will be sent out of God’s universe into eternal lostness, where there is weeping and wailing and the gnashing of teeth. But all those who are truly “in Christ” who have believed in Him, will be saved, since their sins have been removed by the once and for all sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

And so the Holy Spirit continues to work in all people, convicting them of sin, and calling them to faith in Jesus!  And the Spirit uses the Church to do this essential work in the world.

Pastor Bob