The Old Testament Law had animal sacrifices as part of it’s worship ordinances.  The idea was that a human being had sinned, and so someone had to pay.  That someone was the animal.  But can the death of an animal really cover the fact that man has violated God’s will and has become utterly sinful.  That math just doesn’t add up.

But when Jesus came He brought about the “Reformation” (v.10), the “greater and more perfect way” (v.11).  He was the ultimate sacrifice and He died once and for all.  He was the mighty Son of God, the only perfect man, the One who had created the Law and the universe, and mankind in the first place.   When Jesus died His death could indeed count for the sins of all mankind, for all who would believe on Him (v.12)!

This is why the Old Testament Law had to be superseded by the New Covenant in the blood of Christ.  And the joy for us is in the assurance that our sins, no matter how great, are truly forgiven.  And this beautiful truth will also serve to draw you to Jesus in a life of devotion and service.  Jesus is worthy of all your attention and all your loyalty.  All this amazing truth is the basis behind the call that comes to each of us to live the “Christ-focused” life!

Pastor Bob

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