Hebrews 13:5-6

This is a very interesting couple of verses – bordering on the weird.  Stay free from the love of money, for this will help you confidently say that the Lord is your helper.  Is there really a connection between avoiding a love affair with money and trusting in the Lord?  Well, Jesus did say that you can’t serve God and money (Matthew 6:24).  So there is truth that, if you are leaning overly much on whatever money you have, you are not really going to be able to lean on God as much.  You can only lean on one thing at a time!

There are two things that are true about trusting overly much in your money to make you secure in life.

  1. Money can disappear rather quickly.  We found that out in the crash of 2008 or whenever it was.  People’s money quickly withered away almost over night.
  2. Money can’t really give you the thing you need the most.  Peace and love, contentment and inner joy, forgiveness and hope, all of these are things that cannot be obtained with money.  As a matter of fact, inheriting a lot of money often makes these things disappear in your life.

Everyone needs enough money to pay the bills, but we should never fixate on it.  A poor person can be much happier than a rich person in life when they are in deep union with Jesus Christ. Perhaps the Lord may even permit us to go through hard times financially so that we will be even more able to say ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.”

Pastor Bob

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