Hebrews 13:22-25

We have spoken much about the “writer of Hebrews”, referring to him in this generic way.  The truth is, we are not sure who wrote this letter.  Now at the end, the writer refers to himself in a personal way, but we still don’t know who it is.  For many years the Apostle Paul was considered to be the author, even by some in the early Church.  But the writing does not seem at all to be like Paul’s other letters.  The style of this letter is not like anything else in the New Testament.  Some suggestions are that Barnabas wrote it, or Apollos, or even Priscilla, but in the end we simply have to say that we just don’t know.

So, as this writer gets personal at the end here, it is hard for us to know the whole story.  The writer knows Timothy and knows that this young pastor had just been released from prison.  He sends greetings, and greetings are also sent from the believers who came from Italy, who are with our anonymous writer.

In all of this we are reminded that the early Churches needed instruction in the way of the Lord and we continue to need this in our own day as well.  Churches are not common entities that can be whatever they want to be.  They belong to Jesus and He has declared how He wants Churches to function, what they are to believe, what their hope is to be, and what their ministry should be like.  We, the Church of Jesus Christ, must receive this instruction from God’s Word and embrace it so we can truly be the bride of Christ, saved so wonderfully by Him!

Pastor Bob

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