Hebrews 12:3-11

Discipline.  Nobody likes it, but everybody needs it.  The term discipline is often used synonymously with the idea of punishment.  And though discipline might include punishment at times, there is much more to it than that.  Discipline means that a person has been held accountable to a certain standard that, in the end, makes him or her a much better or more skilled person.

Hebrews 12 tells us that God disciplines believers.  The Lord has a standard to which He calls all believers to adhere and under which they are to live.  When we wander away from that standard we are like an undisciplined child creating havoc at school or at family gatherings.  We are not giving glory to God and we are not growing skilled at serving the Lord.  And we are causing problems.  So God disciplines us.  He does things in our lives that are designed to turn us, to change us, and to sharpen us in Christian living.  Sometimes these things the Lord does are painful or challenging, but they are important.  Actually, verse 8 tells us that this discipline shows that God really loves us and we are really his true child.

So don’t despise God’s discipline in  your life.  Embrace it and let it do it’s work in you.  For the result will be the peaceful fruit of righteousness in your life (v.11)!

Pastor Bob

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