Hebrews 12:1-2

Hebrews 11 was filled with great examples of very faithful people.  When we talk about them and ponder their lives, what should happen?  Our reading today tells us that we should be moved to live great lives of faith ourselves!  And he mentions several very specific aspects of the Christian life that should come into play.

  • We should be moved to lay aside sin.  Faithful people inspire others to embrace God’s holiness too.
  • We should be moved to endure.  The writer uses the image of running a race.  Even though the Christian life is exhausting at times, we are inspired to keep moving forward in it no matter what.
  • We should be moved to lock our focus on the person of Jesus Christ.  Our focus should not be on our kids, on our Church, on our music, on our programs, or on any other aspect of the Christian life.   We should have Jesus Himself before us,  Anything else that captures our gaze is idolatry.

Jesus is the ultimate example of a person who fights through obstacles to stay faithful to God.  He was willing to “endure” the challenges of the life of faith.   The Christian life is a great life, but at times we are called to endure it as well.  Don’t be discouraged in this.  Instead look to Jesus and be inspired to stay faithful.

Pastor Bob

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