Hebrews 11:17-22

Do you expect great things to happen in your future? Do you look forward to what God is doing in your life, or are you anxious and fearful that only difficulty in trouble await you?  Our passage today reminds us that the person living in faith in God is filled with an undying optimism in which he believes and trusts that God is at work and that all things will come true in the end.  And though the trials and obstacles of life may test this trust that we have in God and what he is doing in our lives, yet in the end the believer prevails in clinging to God’s promises and waiting upon him.

In verse 17 we see that Abraham believed what God had told him even though god inexplicably had called him to sacrifice the very thing upon which those promises dependent. He nevertheless trusted that God, somehow or in someway, was going to make his promise come true in spite of the sacrifices that God was calling him to make. Furthermore others like Isaac and Jacob and Joseph all anticipated the future and what God had promised and lived their lives in such a way that they depended on those things coming true.

A Christian can be realistic about the problems and troubles of life, understanding that it will never be easy, but the believer also realizes that in the big picture God is at work, and he has a future for us and we are being led forward through the challenges and difficulties of life into God’s plan. So as you live out this day, Believe that God is at work and that he loves you and that he has good in store for you regardless of the challenges and obstacles of this day. As you live with that kind of faith you can fight through the challenges and continue to persevere in the faith.  The victorious Christian life is not one in which everything goes perfectly, but instead it is a life in which we always trust God’s goodness.

Pastor Bob

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