Hebrews 11:13-16

This is an incredible passage that shows just how future-focused faith is!  People believed God for a great life.  And most of them did not get it in this life.  And they were ok with that because they were really putting their hope on the future life that goes beyond the few years we have on this planet.  Wow!

Most people feel that the future is all well and good, but the present is what they are really looking at as they live their lives. I think of that old line from the commercial “It’s my money and I want it now!”  But the person who truly lives in faith is willing to let “now” be less than great, for they are looking far past it, into their heavenly future. And when a person lives like this, an amazing thing happens.  In verse 16 we read “therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God”.  Living in faith like this leads to an amazing relationship with the God of the universe.  God grows more and more excited about you, and since you are focused so much on His future for you, the Lord busies Himself, preparing an incredible future for you!

When a photographer takes a picture, he can focus the camera on things close by, and then the far away things are blurry.  Or he can focus on things far away, and then the close things become blurry.  As you live your life, what is in focus for you and what is blurry?  Are you overly focused on the here and now?  Or are you looking into God’s future for you, placing your focus on that?   The person who lives in faith can survive a less than awesome life now, because their eyes are looking beyond the now, to God’s larger plan!

Pastor Bob

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