Hebrews 11:1-3

The book of Hebrews opens with a definition, a definition of faith.  Furthermore, the writer explains to us why faith is important. Then, thirdly, he gives us a basic illustration of faith at work in a person. So let’s look at these three things.

  1. What is faith?  The writer explains it by comparing it to it’s opposite.  Faith is an assurance about something that we have not yet fully experienced (“hoped for”).  The opposite of faith is seeing something and believing it is true.  When you listen to what God says, and believe all that He says about Himself, the world, the future, and so forth, you are having faith.  Faith implies trust and acceptance.
  2. Why is faith important?  Because this is how a person becomes connected to God and blessed by Him (“received their commendation”- v.2).  If there is no faith, there is no connection.  God cannot and will not bless a person who does not believe in Him.  God does work in people who do not believe in Him, but only to bring them to faith.  That is the extent of it.
  3. In verse 3 we see that creation is a good example of how this works.  We see creation, but how did it get here?  That part we have not seen.  Atheistic scientists go by what they can see and observe, but of course, that takes them into some pretty odd theories and speculations.  Christians are certainly excited about science and what science can discover, but ultimately we have an assurance about something we could never see.  We believe, without seeing, that God created the whole universe, out of nothing, simply by His Word.

May we let our faith grow and grow as we listen to what God says, and make a conscious choice to believe it.  Then you will be more and more connected to God, and His blessings will more and more flow into your life.

Pastor Bob

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