Hebrews 10:5-10

When the writer of this book wants to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus really is from God and that his death on the cross really was the perfect sacrifice that truly removed sins from all those who believed on him, he would turn to the Old Testament and begin quoting verses that would show that this was God’s plan from the very beginning. In chapter 10:5-10 we see several verses from the Old Testament quoted, talking about Jesus compared to the old testament sacrifices. For the Jewish people this was very important because they relied upon the Old Testament Scriptures to explain exactly what life was really all about and what this world was really created to be.

The fact that the Old Testament described the truth that Jesus would come and that he would give a better sacrifice than the Old Testament offerings should be important to us as well. It is very good to know that God did not start with the program, find that it was not working, and then decide to come up with a different plan and send Jesus instead. Rather, sending Jesus to be the true sacrifice was God’s plan all along. He planned  to do this actually from before the beginning of time, before he created the world, for he knew what would happen and he knew what he was going to do in response to sin coming into the world.

Knowing that Jesus was truly God’s plan from the very beginning, all the way along, should give us confidence and assurance that God still has his plan in place and all things are happening according to that plan. We do not have to worry or fret that something may go wrong that God did not count on, nor do we have to fear that something could take place that would thwart God’s plan. Rather we can have joy and confidence knowing that God is continuing to work out all that he set in motion, and we are in his hand both now and will be forevermore.  So take joy and be glad and rejoice in all that your God is doing.

Pastor Bob

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