Hebrews 10:19-25

Where does high-powered theology lead us?  Do the things we believe actually make a difference in our lives.  Notice what we get to do, get to enjoy and are called to do because Jesus has made a new and better way for us to be saved.

  • We are clean!  People who are plagued by guilt, but who truly understand and give themselves to Him, enjoy cleanness and a clear conscience.  It feels really good to be clean!
  • We have confidence to come to God – v.19.
  • We actually draw near to God (v.20), so now God is powerfully in our lives.
  • Our lives have a hope that endures to the end – v.23
  • Love and good works now begin to populate our lives – v.24
  • We are gathered into a fellowship of faith with all whom God is saving – v.25

In other words, all this high-powered theology about Jesus gives us new birth into a new life with a whole new future!  So feel the clean, draw near to God, always be hopeful, scatter and do good works, and gather with the believers to be recharged by the Holy Spirit!  This is where Jesus is taking you!

Pastor Bob