Hebrews 10:1-4

Our reading today tells us that the Old Testament sacrifices were a constant reminder of sin (v.3).  Every time an animal was killed the obvious question was “why are we doing this”?  The answer – “We have sinned, and those sins require some sort of payment or compensation.”  Not only were the people reminded that they had sinned, but they were also made aware that sin is no minor affair, but is actually the issue between ourselves and God.  Sin is anti-life!

Does a person really need to be reminded of their sin? On the one hand, people are very aware of their sin and are often haunted by it. Many people feel discouraged in life because they know that they are not what they should be. They have feelings and they have shortcomings that make them less than what God has created them to be. But, on the other hand, there is a very powerful ability in the human heart to turn a blind eye to our sin. We seek to make sin a minor thing and we tend to ignore it because it is not pleasant or fun to deal with.  As a matter of fact, we often find it much easier to notice the sin in other people’s lives than to know our own sin intimately. And so it is necessary for the scriptures to keep turning our attention back to our sinfulness and to God’s solution for our sinfulness. This is the core issue of life.

For the believer, It is important to understand the difference between various views of sinfulness and the persons heart. Sometimes we like to think of sin as a layer around our life like the peeling of an apple. Once we have removed the peeling we think that we have the real meat of the fruit remaining, But in reality our sin is much more like an onion than an apple. We can go ahead and remove a layer of sin through repentance and sanctification, only to discover that there’s another layer of sin deeper and more subtle than the previous one.  So instead of getting bored with all this talk of sin the Christian should allow the scriptures to keep revealing their sin to them and enabling them to find salvation in Christ in new and fresh ways each and every day.  For the fact is, sin is anti-life.  Any problem we have can be traced back to sin in one way of the other.

Pastor Bob

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