Exodus 9:22-35

There is just something about stuff falling out of the sky in heavy doses that makes a person freak out a little bit.  It makes a person feel so out of control, and fearful of how bad this just might get. For an even stronger example of this experience, check Revelation 6 where the inhabitants of the world beg the mountains to fall and cover them, so they can escape what is falling from the sky.  The Egyptians were definitely feeling the desperation, and so, Pharaoh once again agrees to let the people go.

But Moses, having gone round the block a few times on this deal, knows that Pharaoh is not serious.  He says as much in verse 30.  Why does a heart stay so hard against God when the evidence and the truth of God’s claims are so plain to see?  But we too have people like this in our lives, don’t we.  It is so clear to us that if they would simply give themselves to Jesus, life would be so much better for them.  They keep banging their heads against the wall of God’s truth and they suffer for it.  And they may have times when they say “Okay, I give.  I see that I need the Lord”, but after a while we become suspicious.  We know they will wander away from Him once the hail stops falling on them.  And it just does not make any sense to us.

Do you have someone like this in your life?  Don’t give up on them.  Keep praying.  You and I can’t do anything about their hard heart, but maybe the Lord can.  The story isn’t over.   Be a person of hope and perseverance when it comes to the hard hearts of this world.  Maybe one of these days one of those hail stones will knock a little sense into them.

Pastor Bob

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