Exodus 8:25-32

Pharaoh is finding himself in quite a pickle.  He is trying to stand firm and hang on to his Hebrew slaves, but the power of God coming against him is just too much.  What is he to do?  Well, how about a little deal-making?  Maybe there is another way of doing this where everyone can get what they want.  Sort of a win-win kind of solution might be just the trick.  So Pharaoh proposes a deal.  The Israelites can sacrifice, but here in the land.  That’s no good?  Ok.  How about if you go and do your sacrifices, but not very far away?  Ok.  Maybe we have a deal.  But, of course, as soon as the flies were gone, Pharaoh went back on his word.

Have you ever tried to play these games with God?  “Lord, if you will just do this or that, I promise I will go to Church, teach a class, give more money, help out more, etc.”  And sometimes the very thing you prayed for happens.  Tell me, are you doing everything you said you would?  Probably not.  Why?  Because deal-making never works with God, not on His side of things and not on our side of things.  We all end up like Pharaoh, simply flopping back into our same old life we had before.

When dealing with God, only full-blown, whole-hearted, unconditional surrender works.  You see, when we are making deals with God, we are still in control, still running the show.  And that fact is, only God runs the show in any kind of relationship he has with us.

So quit making deals, and simply give yourself to him, no matter the outcome.  And discover the joy of total surrender.

Pastor Bob

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