Exodus 8:16-24

Which God is stronger?  The God of the Hebrews or the gods of Egypt?  This is one of the themes operating in the Exodus story, for the enemy is not simply the person of Pharaoh, but the gods upon whom he relies.  If you read this story with that thought in your mind you can easily see that this is a power contest between the powers that be.

In this sequence of events God brings about great acts of power designed to convince Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go.  And for a while the gods of Egypt, working through the magicians, are able to keep pace.  They could do the water to blood thing and they could come up with frogs.  So far so good.  God – 2.  The gods of Egypt – 2.  But then the Lord kicks it up into another gear.  The gods of Egypt could not do the gnat miracle.  They could “not” do the “gnat”.  Get it?  Never mind. I think its funny.

At any rate, the magicians are forced to say “This is the finger of God!”  God – 3.  The gods of Egypt – 2.

There is power in this world and in the spiritual realm.  And there are times when it looks like these powers are able to keep up with God, with many people falling prey to their apparent abilities, trusting in their own wisdom, strength and fortitude to make their way in this world.  But one day God will kick it into overdrive, accomplishing works of judgment that these other powers will never be able to match.

So keep looking to the Lord Almighty, even when it looks like He is losing.  Always remember that the gods of this world can “not” do the “gnats”!!

Pastor Bob

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