Exodus 8:1-7

So, this second plague seems to be running pretty much parallel with the first.  There is the warning, the refusal, the coming of the plague (frogs this time).  How bad can frogs be?  Pretty bad, evidently.  Pharaoh again refuses to let the people go because his magicians could do the same thing. I am beginning to sense a theme here.

The thing I noticed in this reading is that, when God calls for his people to be freed, it is not simply for the purpose of an independent, do-whatever-you-want kind of freedom. We are brought into freedom in order to “serve the Lord” (v.1).  The core element in any sin is independence away from God.  We refuse to allow God to have his place in our lives, desiring instead to go our own, independent ways.  When God frees us from our bondage to sin, however,  we are freed to find our place back into this relationship of dependence upon him.  We are freed to serve him.  Serving God means walking with him, following his lead, doing what he calls us to do in our day to day existence.

Is your Christian life producing in you greater and greater pathways of serving him?  Or do you seem, instead, to be flying off more and more on your own, leaving the Lord behind in all the important ways?  Something to think about as you go through your day today.

Pastor Bob

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