Exodus 7:8-13

Do miracles convince people to believe?  The answer I would give to that question is “sometimes”.  We read in scripture that the Apostles did many mighty works and many believed because of it.  But we also read about many situations in which miracles were done and the people who saw them did not believe, even the people of God at times.  So seeing a miracle is no guarantee that faith will result.

In Pharaoh’s case, it would seem that, because the magicians of Egypt could duplicate this miracle, he was able thus to explain it away.  And many do this today as well.  People come up with an alternative explanation for why an amazing thing happens and they are able to maintain a hard heart towards God.

God is at work in our lives everyday.  We are called to pay attention to the great things that God is doing and let those “miracles” of God move us to believe even more in the One who is at work in us and in the world.  A soft and responsive heart towards God is the key factor in life and in faith.  So, if God turns a stick into a snake in front of you today, don’t be like Pharaoh, but rather, let the works of God draw you closer and closer to Him!

Pastor Bob

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