Exodus 7:14-25

Our reading today contains the first plague that God visited upon the Egyptians.  Many times I have heard people say that they could never believe in a God who would do mean things to people, but here we see that God does indeed afflict people when this is what justice calls for.  The Lord always does what is good and right, even when that means doing things that appear to be mean or harsh.

God did this to Pharaoh’s land so that  Pharaoh would “know that I am the Lord.” (v.17).  But, sadly, this harsh plague, which was designed to open Pharaoh’s eyes, did not work.  Instead, since the Egyptian sorcerers could do the same thing by their dark magic arts, Pharaoh refused to open his eyes and recognize that God was the supreme Lord.  Always remember that the power of evil is real, and that miracles can truly be done by the sorcerers, witches, and mediums of this present age.  Simply because something amazing or powerful happens, does not mean it is good.  The important thing is not whether a certain person is powerful or can do amazing things.  The issue is, where will following this person lead you?  Will his “miracles” lead you to God or to hell?

By the way, the footnote in my study Bible tells me that the term “blood” in verse 17 never simply refers to the color of blood, but always means actual blood.  So this miracle did not result from some red mud washing into the river from upstream, but actually means literal blood.  This was not simply a natural phenomenon.

May the true works of God enable our eyes to be opened today, so that we will know in some new and fresh way, that God is truly the Lord of all.  And may we be delivered from all those times when Satan does amazing things through his servants, seeking to lead us astray.

Pastor Bob

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