Exodus 7:1-7

Does a person ever need reassurance?  The old story of the older couple who had been married for 50 years might come to mind at this point.  One day the wife complained “you never tell me you love me”.  To which the husband responded, “I said I loved you the day we got married.  It anything changes I will let you know.”

Now anyone who is married knows that this approach just won’t cut it.  We know our spouse loves us, but we need to hear it once in a while, for it is in the affirmation and the reassurance that we find our strength to carry on.  God, in our reading today, repeats to Moses what He has already promised.  Does Moses need to hear this again?  Yes he does.  He needed reassurance in order to find the strength to carry on.  He is 80 years old after all.

Our worship services, Sunday School classes, and Bible Studies are often filled with stuff we have heard before.  Do we really need to hear it again?  Yes we do.  Why?  So we can find our strength and keep our focus to keep driving forward into what God has called us to do.  We are all servants called by God into His service.  And in this work there is no retirement age.  We serve as long as we live.  Let God remind you today of what you already know so that you can keep your strength to stay faithful to Him!

Pastor Bob

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