Exodus 6:10-13

It’s fair to say that, at this point, Moses has lost his confidence.  God prods him forward on the mission, but Moses has no hope within himself that this whole thing is going to work.  Moses responds to God by basically declaring that if the  Christians won’t listen to him, how will he ever get through to the unbelievers.  Nevertheless, God does not let him off the hook, but continues to send him forth into this work, for it is God Himself who is the one who is really going to accomplish this task.  Not Moses.

Often, when God sends you forth into the Church or into the world to do some work, some ministry, the child of God will run into failure.  When that happens our enthusiasm for the work can quickly turn to anger or depression.  “Forget it”, we say.  “I am never going to do anything like that again”!  And then God comes along and gently, or maybe not so gently, sends back into the game, refusing to let us off the hook. For it is God Himself who is really the one who does anything wonderful in the Church. Not us.

Have you experienced failure in serving the Lord in some way.  So what.  Big deal.  All of God’s servants have.  Listen to the voice of God sending you back into the game, reminding you that it is not really you at all.  The Lord is the one who breaks people out of bondage.

Pastor Bob

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