Exodus 5:1-9

So, you are trying to boldly dare to trust God and go out and do what he has called you to do.  And the first effort turns into a giant fiasco that makes things worse rather than better.  This is how it went for Moses.  Not a great beginning to a ministry career.

Have you ever dared to serve the Lord and things went badly?  Maybe you tried to teach a class or put together an event or lead a Bible Study, and not only did it not work, but it actually created more and greater problems.  This actually happens a lot in ministry.  If you have ever dared trust the Lord, it has probably happened to you.

How did you react?  Did you get depressed?  Quit?  Stop going to Church altogether?  As we follow the story of Moses and Pharaoh we will find a better way of responding when things go drastically wrong. And perhaps we will discover a better way to to hold fast to the Lord in the life of faith.

Pastor Bob

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