Exodus 4:24-31

So God has chosen Moses to be the deliverer of His people.  That’s good.  And Moses has, somewhat reluctantly, gone along with it.  That’s good.  But now, when Moses actually goes off to do what God has called him to do, the Lord just about kills him!  What is up with that?

Moses may not have known what was going on, but his wife knew immediately.  It had to do with the circumcision of their kids.  God’s covenant with Abraham required that all of God’s people be circumcised.  This was the outward sign of this inward covenant that made the Hebrew people God’s very own.  Moses was living outside the company of Israel, but he was still part of the group.  But he was not following the ways of the Lord, and before he could be a servant of God, he had to get with the program.  Once the circumcision was complete, all was well again, though his wife was not all that pleased about what she had to do.

Moses had been a “non-conforming believer” and this had to be fixed before God could really do anything in his life.  Are there ways today that Christians might try to be “non-conforming believers”?   We want to be part of the group, but we don’t want to get with God’s program concerning the outward things that God wants us to do?  We are living out away from God’s people and away from the lifestyle of faith?

Can God really do anything in our lives if this is our situation?  Yes He can, but sooner or later He is going to confront us about our “non-conformity”.  Evidently He takes this sort of thing kind of seriously!  What changes do we need to make to bring our lives into conformity with what God has called us to do and be?

Pastor Bob

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