Exodus 4:18-23

Well, if you are keeping tabs on us, here is the info from today.   It was a day of Florida swamps, airboats, crocodiles and Florida cattle ranches.  It was most enjoyable, except for getting rained on a little bit, though that was not so bad either.

In our reading today, Moses, having received his charge from God, seeks permission from his father-in-law, to go back down to Egypt.  Now we moderns are not used to getting permission from anyone to do anything.  But in that day, family obligations were understood and they held strong.  Moses could not leave the family if he did not get permission first.  Can you imagine being part of this kind of close-knit family?

God tells Moses, in verses 21-23, exactly what is going to happen when he gets to Egypt.  Moses is going to call for the release of the Hebrew slaves, but Pharaoh is not going to let the people go.  And why not?  Because God is going to harden Pharaoh’s heart so that he will not let the people go.  That can’t be very encouraging.  If God asked you to do something, but then told you this was not going to work because God was not going to let it work, how would you feel about going in to do it.  God definitely puts the task at hand in perspective.  Moses knows this is not going to be easy.

Verse 23 tells us that God is going to get tough with Pharaoh to get him to cooperate.  And the reason is that the Hebrew people belonged to God.  They were “His son”.  Pharaoh had no right to possess what belongs solely to God.  God was declaring that He wants back what belongs to Him.

You and I belong to God today.  The world can’t have us.  We can’t give ourselves to the world, but we can only be devoted to the one to whom we belong.  God will not share us with anyone else.  This is our joy, knowing that we belong to God and He will bring us to himself.  No one can take us away from Him, and in the end, He will have us.  Live out the truth today that you do not belong to any entity in this world, but we are God’s possession!

Pastor Bob

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