Exodus 4:10-17

Sandy and I are continuing to enjoy our time down in Florida.  I went golfing today with Denny and Sandy went with Ivy to a Bible Study.  She now thinks she is more spiritual than me, but that can’t be right, can it?

After being given a “super staff” to show that he was really coming from God, being authorized by Him to say what he was going to say and do what he was going to do, Moses now is told by the Lord to go and speak to Pharaoh.  But what often happens when a person is called by the Lord into His service among God’s people?  Often we say “send someone else” (verse 13).  And then we come up with a list of excuses as to why we can’t do what God is moving us to do.

But notice what happens when we start resisting the Lord?  Verse 14 tells us that the Lord’s anger was kindled against Moses!  Yikes.  No one wants to have the Lord angry with them.  So as a concession, the Lord gives Moses a helper in the form of his brother Aaron. But he still stood firm on the call to Moses to go and do what He wanted him to do.

Has God called you into His service in some way?  The New Testament teaches that we are all gifted by God and that He has something for each of us to do.  How have we responded to the Lord’s call?  Have we immediately said “send someone else”, and then developed a whole list of reasons what we can’t.  How do you think the Lord might respond to that kind of response?  Remember, the Lord will be with your mouth (v.13) and will always enable you to do the work.  So go ahead and says yes to the Lord’s call and who knows what seas might part around you!

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