Exodus 34:29-35

When we look up in the night sky we see the moon shining.  But, as we know, the moon does not send out any light on its own, but simply reflects the light of the sun.  Now the sun, that is a different matter.  The sun shins naturally, of its own accord.  The sun is light itself, while the moon is not.

In much the same way, we read today about the face of Moses shining.  Now Moses is not creating this light that people see when they look at him.  Rather, his light first came from God.  When Moses was with God He was exposed to the light of God’s glory.  God is light itself.  The light that shines from His being did not come from anywhere else.  God was generating it naturally as a consequence of His supreme majesty and the natural greatness of His being!  And now Moses is shining, shining because he has been in the presence of the glorious God.  Now the light of God reflects from the face of this servant of the Lord.

Christians today have a glory.  Believers, in one sense, should be people who walk through the land glowing.  People should truly see in us something unique and wonderful!  But it is not something that we naturally produce simply because we ourselves are so great.  Rather, as we spend time with our Lord, being exposed to His glory and splendor, we begin to reflect His glory!  It is our amazing God who is shining off of us!

So let your light shine in your world this day!  But always remember that no matter how much you glow, it is not really you, but your Lord shining through you!

Pastor Bob

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