Exodus 3:1-6

When God chooses to appear to someone, how does He end up going about it?  After all, God is Spirit and is, therefore, invisible.  He has no physical form.  So how does this invisible God show himself to a person who can’t see the invisible?  The Lord seems to have done this in several ways at various times in the scriptures, ultimately doing it in the person the Son, Jesus.   In this situation the Lord chooses to connect with something familiar, (a bush), but he also makes it quite unusual and extraordinary (burning, but not consumed).  And He speaks.  There must have been an audible voice, for Moses gets the message that it is time to go in stocking feet!

People today often complain that God is too “invisible”, too unseen for their tastes.  They want to connect to someone whom they can see and touch.  But the truth is, God is going to great lengths to “appear” to us and to connect with us.  He has sent His Son and He has sent His Spirit to us.  He has built His Church and He has sent the believers out into the world.  God works through circumstances and He works through people.  He has given us an entire, sort of long, book.  God shouts to us in difficulties and whispers to us in the quietness of our hearts and minds.  God continues to do all kinds of things in order to “appear” to us and call us to himself and to his service.

God is trying to appear to you today, this week!  Keep your eyes open.  And don’t forget to “stop and turn aside, and see this thing which God has done”, as He appears to you in all kinds of ways.  And don’t forgot, also,  about the stocking feet!

Pastor Bob

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