Exodus 2:5-10

When a person puts their trust in God, things do not always turn out perfectly in every aspect.  But they certainly did in this situation.  Instead of dying in the river by some drowning incident or some crocodile, Moses ends up becoming part of the royal family in the country of Egypt.  Furthermore, things seem to work out just perfectly in almost every detail. Not only is Moses saved from death, but he ends up being raised by his own mother after all, who actually gets paid for it, and then is promoted to being son of the Queen Mother in Egypt. Things could not have worked out more perfectly for Moses. As I said, the lesson in all of this is not to see that whenever we trust God things work out perfectly, for sometimes they do not. But we do see that God had his hand upon this child, and this was not just for nothing, but for a very specific purpose in the life of this young man and for the future of the Hebrew people themselves.

Today, in our own time, God continues to work so that his plan for the world goes forward. And when you and I put our trust in him in all of the circumstances of our lives, we know that God will use us in various ways to accomplish everything that he wants to have happen in the world. And we know that he continues to put his hand upon this person and that person for his own reasons. This adds an exciting edge to life, knowing that we are part of Gods bigger picture.  God is at work in the church to use the church to bring the gospel to more and more people, as He calls to himself those whom he knows will believe in him. You and I can be used in this awesome work in all kinds of ways large and small.

So let us continue to put ourselves in Gods hands, knowing that he is going to use us. He may use us in such a way that he makes everything work out perfectly in our lives for some specific reason. Or, He may use us in such a way that difficulty and challenge come into our lives. And he can use that as well to further his will in the world. So, whether things goe well for us or we experience challenges, we know that God is using us to accomplish his purposes through the church in the world.

Pastor Bob

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