Exodus 2:23-25

Our reading today contains a powerful truth about life and faith and the challenges we experience in this world. We read that many days were going by and the king of Egypt died in that land. The fact of the matter is, that we’re talking about 400 years worth of days that had passed by. We know that the delay was caused by the truth that the sins of the Amorites had not yet reached the breaking point with God (Genesis 15:16). God was still being patient with them, and so Israel had to wait. But during that period of time something else was going on as well. We are told that God was at work.

As the Israelites suffered under the bondage of slavery, we are told that three things were happening concerning God. First of all we are told that God heard their cry. Just because God wasn’t doing anything at the moment did not mean that God was not hearing their prayers and their distress. The second thing that God was doing was that he was remembering. What was God remembering? He was remembering the agreement that he had made with Abraham that he would deliver and bless all of Abrahams descendants. The third thing that God was doing was that he was knowing. God knew what was going on, he was aware of it. and during this period of many days God was preparing the salvation that he would bring to the people.

This same sort of pattern can happen to us in our lives today as well. We can enter into a period of many days in which things are very difficult. And it is easy to believe that God is not hearing us or remembering us or does not know our situation, because nothing is happening. But don’t let the silence fool you. God always hears his people as they cry out to him, and he always remembers the relationship that we have with him, and he knows what is going on, far more deeply than we do.

So during the times of silence and difficulty, remember that God is still at work preparing ours salvation. He will bring us out as we wait upon him, though at times the challenges may remain. Our call is to remain faithful to him and wait upon his timing, knowing that the delay only has to do with God’s mercy that he is having elsewhere, or some other reason beyond our understanding.

Pastor Bob