Exodus 2:1-4

Having set the stage for the general state of affairs between the Egyptians and the Hebrew people, the writer of the book of Exodus (Moses) now zeroes in on one particular family and the events surround their lives in the land of oppression and despair.  A Levite family has a baby and now the struggle to save him is on.  Will they find a way to deliver him from the efforts of the Egyptian government to destroy the babies of the land?  After hiding the child for three months desperation begins to set in.  What would you do with a three month old baby on your lap?  Setting him afloat in a waterproof basket does not seem like the best plan to me.   As a matter of fact, it seems like certain death in one way or the other.  But, as we said, they were desperate.  They did not, however, simply set the child off down the river, but kept watch to see what would happen.  It is never said in so many words here in the text, but I am sure they were entrusting the fate of this child to God,  hoping and praying that something great would happen.

There has been many a parent who has had to do this very same thing with their children, not when they are three months only, but often when they are 17 or 18 or 25.  Many an anxious parent has had to watch their son or daughter go drifting down the river of life, anxiously praying to God that something great will happen that will result in their salvation.  If you are one of those parents, understand that you are not alone, but are actually joining a long line of godly parents, stretching back through thousands of years of human history.   You have done everything you could, but now the day has come to let them go and entrust them into God’s care.  We do so, not knowing how the story will end, but leaning on the one who has always been our strength and shield, claiming his words to us that “His promise is to us and our children, and to all who are far off” (Acts 2:39).

So keep trusting, keep the faith, keep praying, and join arms with all the others who are in exactly the same situation as you.

Pastor Bob

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