Exodus 19:7-9

Yesterday we wrote about this business of covenants between God and people.  Here today we see the covenant put into place.  The words of God are laid before the people, and the people now have a choice.  They can walk away or they can accept God’s offer and enter into this relationship with their God.  And here we see that this involves “doing all that the Lord has spoken” (v.8).

Living in faith is never a matter of a simple inner attitude alone.  An inner attitude of trust and reliance is an essential piece of faith, but faith will always produce an external life of obedience to God.  If a person actually believes in God and accepts what He says as being true, they will obey what God has said as true and the only way to really enter into a good life.  As we say here at Lewis Lake; “If you are going to believe in Jesus, you have to believe Jesus.”

So live today with the joys and blessings of the new covenant that we have in Jesus Christ.  He has laid out all His words before us as well.  May we also say “all that the Lord has spoken we will do!”

Pastor Bob

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