Bringing a people out of bondage to the powers of evil is always a tricky thing.  A person who is stuck in sin hears that God can save them, and so they trust in Him.  But at the first sign of trouble or complication the natural reaction is to freak out and declare that they never should have even tried to change their life.  Living in bondage to sin was better than this complicated life of freedom out in the wild!  Being a Christian and living a life where one has to trust God is just too hard and frightening.  Better just to forget the whole thing and let life flop back to the way it was before.

Israel, in our reading today, was finally free of slavery in Egypt, but now they are up against it.  There is an ocean of death on one side and an army of death on the other.  How they wished they had never tried to break free in the first place.

Does your new life in Christ leave you a little freaked out sometimes?  Does it just seem too hard sometimes?  Do you long to forget the whole thing sometimes and just flop back to a romanticized version of your old life before you knew God?  If so, there are two things to remember.

  1. Your old life was not as great as you remember it to be.
  2. Wait and see what God is going to do in your future!

Pastor Bob

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